About Rob van Uchelen

Rob van Uchelen was born in Zeist, Holland, studied photography at the St Joost's Academy for Visual Arts in Breda, and has a Fellowship from the Rijks Academy of Visual Art in Amsterdam.

His main work experience has been in commercial advertising with Dutch and International companies such as ABN-AMRO, Canon, Cotes du Rhone, Heineken, IBM, MartinAir, Organon, Philips, Shell, Sigma Coatings, Sony, Zwitserleven, Aegon and KPN. He has also carried out editorial assignments for a range of Dutch weekly and monthly magazines focusing on lifestyles, interior design, cooking and travel.

He has worked for Non-Governmental Organizations such as Amnesty International, Holland and Timbaktu Collective in South India.

His work has been honored with publication in professional magazines and annual reviews such as: Lürzer's Archive, Photographis - the International Annual of Advertising and Editorial Photography, and the Photography Association of the Netherlands (PANL).